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How to: Create an At-Home Spa Experience With a Sheet Mask - Angela Caglia Skincare

How to: Create an At-Home Spa Experience With a Sheet Mask

Your skin glows like no other after a facial. There is an unmistakable professional touch that gives you that dewy, hydrated, sculpted look. Our Facial-in-a-Mask sheet mask allows you to bring that home. Whether you have a date night, a zoom call, or just want to treat yourself, you can instantly recreate that special post-spa radiance.

It’s not “just a mask”

A sheet mask is just a serum. Too often, this simple note is overlooked. The mask only acts to drive the ingredients of the product into your skin and shield it from evaporating. Instead of washing it off, it remains on and penetrates your skin.

Like a serum, you should make sure that the ingredients of your mask are worth using. Like any other product, it has the potential to seriously irritate and even damage your lipid barrier. Fragrance, for example, is a highly sensitizing ingredient. However, most sheet masks on the market contain it. We treat our Facial-in-a-Mask seriously as a product, not “just” a sheet mask.

Treat yourself

Your mask should nourish the lipid barrier. It should be gentle enough for daily use, but with that extra “oomph” that justifies it as a special occasion. Ours contains a dose of anti-aging powerhouse vitamin C, hydrating hyaluronic acid, peptides, meadowfoam seed oil, and even 24K gold. It stimulates and nourishes the skin for a particularly potent anti-aging and soothing kick.

Our masks can be used daily, but we recommend using it 2-3x a week. Make sure that you carve it out as special time for yourself. Light a candle, listen to relaxing music, meditate and practice other self-care activities.

For a particularly effective facial session, use our sheet masks with our rose quartz facial tools. The crystal will help ease tension and improve blood circulation as it helps the product deeply penetrate into the skin. Placing our Rose Quartz Eye Mask over your eyes will provide a healing, cooling sensation for rejuvenated skin and a calming experience.


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