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Cell Forté Serum powered by BIOMSC™️
Human Stem Cell Conditioned Media


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The Next Level of Human Stem Cell Technology

Introducing Cell Forté Serum powered by BIOMSC™️

This is the crossroads of world-class skincare and revolutionary stem cell science. This is the world of Cell Forté Serum, powered by BIOMSC™️, the most advanced biotech serum available over the counter.

Created by celebrity esthetician Angela Caglia and a leading stem cell scientist, Cell Forté Serum powered by BIOMSC™️ is multitasking problem solver made with patented, protein-rich stem cell conditioned media—a potent concentration of over 3000 proteins, exosomes, cytokines, and epidermal growth factors without any human DNA.

This serum activates cells and supports the skin’s natural regeneration process to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve brightness and radiance within four weeks without disrupting the skin’s natural barrier. The result is younger-acting skin, significantly improved brightness and clarity, and smoother texture and tone. 

What is Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Conditioned Media?             

“If you injure yourself, your mesenchymal stem cells are the ones that repair the skin. They are the body’s superheroes,” explains founder and skincare expert Angela Caglia.  “Our lab uses a patented biotech process to grow human mesenchymal cells that, as a by-product, also produces a ‘superhero’ liquid. This liquid is the ‘conditioned media.’”

Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Conditioned Media repairs signs of aging, sun damage, fine lines, and degenerative aging. It repairs the skin naturally, doing things only a human stem cell can do.

What is BIOMSC™️?           

The most potent stem cell active on the market, BIOMSC™️ combines patented Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Conditioned Media with man-made exosomes, growth factors, cytokines and hydrators.

Is there DNA present? 

Although stem cells derived from natural sources are employed in the production process, they are not included in the conditioned media. Instead, only naturally secreted proteins, cytokines, and growth factors are gathered, and all cells and cellular debris are eliminated using filtration procedures. This guarantees that the serum does not contain any DNA.



RESULTS from daily use after a 28-day clinical study with 39 women:

  • 100% said skin feels healthy
  • 97% said skin feels nourished
  • 92% said skin has a radiant glow
  • 92% said skin complexion is improved
  • 91% agreed it helped reduce the look of hyperpigmentation
  • 90% said skin looks more youthful
  • 87% said skin increases luminosity
  • 85% said skin elasticity improved 
  • 85% said it fades the look of fine lines and wrinkles

*Suitable for all skin types

*Fragrance- and dye-free

* Vegan and cruelty free

*Clean, allergen-free formulation

*Multi-level hydration

*Luxurious silky, highly absorbable texture

Ethically Sourced, Highest Quality Ingredients

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake well. Apply 5-6 drops of Cell Forte Serum on clean, dry skin to the face and neck, in the morning and evening.  You may apply other products after as part of your normal routine.  If using Elderberry Bakuchiol Serum or other exfoliant in your routine, cut back to three times per week.


Human Adipose Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) Conditioned Media

Conditioned media is a powerful byproduct that is generated when human stem cells are cultured and nurtured in a controlled environment. During this process, stem cells release powerful growth factors, cytokines and proteins that hold the key to skin rejuvenation. 
Proprietary blend of our protein-rich MSC-conditioned media and man-made lab exosomes, epidermal growth factors, peptides, and hydrators.
Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract
Clinically proven to be 10x more hydrating than hyaluronic acid.                                        

Lipid Lock Technology™️                                                   

Proprietary bio-identical natural delivery system.

Bacillus Ferment Extract                                                    

Probiotic maintains a healthy skin microbiome, balanced pH, and strengthens the skin barrier.

Hyaluronic Acid

Different molecular weights for extra hydration.

"Every expert agrees: Stem cell technology is the future of skincare. But there are two problems: 1) Embryonic stem cells are banned, and 2) plant stem cells only work if you’re a plant. Cell Forté Serum with BIOMSC™️ solves both. Cell Forté Serum powered by BIOMSC™️ is the first-to-market skincare serum with Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell. 


We found a way to harness ethically-sourced, patented, protein-rich human stem cell conditioned media. It has no human DNA, but it does have all the potent secretions of natural growth factors, exosomes, cytokines, and proteins. That’s the AP Bio way of saying we can now brighten the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen in a real, non-BS way using stem cells the skin recognizes. This is superlative. This is a game-changer. This is our Forte’.”  


 Co-Founder, Master Esthetician Angela Caglia 


1% of all proceeds will go to Hope Biosciences Research Foundation 501(c)3 to study Dementia and Alzheimer's disease with human mesenchymal stem cells.

30mL /1 fl oz.